Email, Database and Consultation Services

Our Email Services connect you with your target contacts.

Use our Free Estimate Form to tell us about the contacts you need to reach.

We will:

    Identify the contacts that match your criteria in our continuously updated
    Database of current screen content professionals.

    Create a template from your text and graphics (at no extra charge).

    Submit the email template to you for approval.

    Send the emails.  Your company is identified as the “sender”.

All replies go to you.

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Our Database contains:

63,700+ current acquisition contacts, buyers, creators, development contacts, sellers, creators and other screen content professionals, attending any of over 25 annual market events.  All email addresses are updated each month.

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The Database contains attendees of over 25 annual market events.  Click here to see the list.

Consultation Services

MTG Media provides a broad range of consultation services for screen content professionals. From at-market sales consultation to content acquisition and from financial development to viral marketing, we are here to help you.

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