2019 MIP TV starts on April 8 in Cannes

Special focus on buyers at television or online program services

Our continuously updated Database contains:

18,900+ current buyers of screen content
9,700+ current buyers who have attended MIP and/or MIPCOM
9,400+ current buyers at tv or online program services

Our Email Services will get your message to these professionals.

Please consider the options below or use of Free Estimate Form to get a custom estimate.

Price: US$0.05 per email, rounded off to the nearest $25.  ($300 minimum)

Sample Prices:
Current buyers at tv or online program services. (US$)
$300.  4,400+ childrens program buyers
$300.  6,000+ entertainment program buyers
$300.  5,800+ feature film buyers
$300.  5,900+ non-fiction buyers
$475.  9,500+ buyers of any genre (save 25%)

Current buyers at all media. (US$)
$350.  6,800+ childrens program buyers
$400.  10,300+ entertainment program buyers  (save 25%)
$425.  13,180+ feature film buyers (save 35%)
$375.  9,100+ non-fiction buyers (save 15%)
$575.  18,900+ buyers of any genre (save 40%)

Price includes:
Creation of template and transmission of the emails
Free resend (same template) one week after original blast
A list of the country, company and individual to whom the emails were sent.